• All divisions will have an A & B Bracket, unless stated otherwise. All A and B Brackets will play a minimum of four games.
  • The top 4 teams in each division will play a fifth game in the playoff round.
 Division  Grade (rising)  Birth Years  USL Equivalent
 HS Open  10-12  —  Varsity
 2020-21  8-9  2001-2003  U15
 2022-23  6-7  2003-2005  U13


  • All teams will play a minimum of 4 games. The top seeds in each division will play a 5th seeded playoff game.
  • HIGH SCHOOL DIVISIONS: U.S. Women’s Lacrosse Rules, except as modified below.
  • YOUTH DIVISIONS: 6 goal mercy rule, except in playoffs.


  • 20 minute running time halves; 2 minute halftime
  • No timeouts
  • During an injury timeout the clock runs.
  • Refs may use discretion to stop clock for prolonged injury timeouts.
  • Refs may start/end halves early to keep games on schedule, as long as both coaches are made aware.


  • Running time
  • Players receiving a yellow card are suspended for 2 minutes. Field Marshal will keep this time. During the two minutes, the respective team is down two minutes.
  • A player receiving two yellow cards in a single game cannot return to the game.
  • A coach receiving two yellow cards in a single game needs to leave the sideline/field.
  • A player or coach ejected by the Field Marshal or referee is not permitted to play in the next game and based on the determination of the referee(s) and/or Tournament Directors can be asked to leave the event.