November 10, 2019 – RI Fall CLASSIC

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Schedule has been posted online at the link below.

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For the High School Divisions, we moved location to turf fields. 

Please make note of locations – Tourney Machine has been updated accordingly.

The high school varsity will play at Portsmouth High School – 120 Education Ln, Portsmouth, RI 02871

We will have 2 college head coaches officiating these games. 

The junior varsity divisions will play at Taunton Forekicks, 223 Fremont St, Taunton, MA 02780 – please note field number in the app.

Please be aware of the turf field code of conduct.

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  1. Please take a minute to review our policy regarding the moving of goals:

    It is important that we remind all contracts of the following; if any goals are moved, they must be returned to their normal positions before renters leave. However, NO goals are to be moved by contract renters unless approved first by Fore Kicks staff and supervised by our staff to insure safe handling and proper installation of counterweights. Only Fore Kicks personnel can approve moving goals outside their normal storage or placement and this must be done under our supervision. If we do approve the use of goals or allow the movement of goals, then they must be returned and secured properly before the rental is over by the renters under our supervision as well.

    Regarding indoor rentals: normally only the 6v6 goals are provided unless a renter is renting the larger field. This is important and must be adhered to for safety and insurance reasons. The full size goals are not for 6v6 renters and should not be taken out of their storage areas unless we are setting up for a 10v10 field area. .

  2. There is NO FOOD or BEVERAGE allowed on any of our indoor fields, indoor courts or outdoor fields at any time. The only exception is that players can bring water to the benches during training sessions or games. Parents/Spectators are only allowed on the spectator sidelines of fields and CANNOT bring FOOD or ANY BEVERAGE onto the fields or stands. This includes coffee, sunflower seeds, gum, etc.

  3. There is a strict NO SPITTING rule on any of our indoor courts, indoor synthetic fields or our outdoor synthetic fields. NO GUM or CHEWING TOBACCO is allowed at anytime on any field. This is for everyone’s safety.

  4. We cannot have siblings playing on our indoor fields that are not used or open. We unfortunately are a victim of the age we live in. There have been too many lawsuits when a child gets hurt on an unsupervised field and therefore our insurance prevents us allowing any unauthorized or unsupervised use of an open field. We know it is inviting but we need you to help us manage your families. There are no exceptions to this. It would be great if you would let your parents know so our staff are not the ‘bad guys’ when they are just trying to do their job and keep kids off the empty fields.

  5. All renters are requested to pick up all the trash and clothing prior to leaving the court/field. This is so the next group who uses the field can have a clean and safe experience. If the court/field has trash prior to your rental please notify someone at the front desk.

  6. There is a strict NO OUTSIDE VENDORS, NO CANOPIES, NO TENTS, NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL and NO PETS rule anywhere on our premises including in our facility, on our outdoor fields or in the parking lots. Only exception would be a preapproved tournament canopy (registration/trainer) in a FK designated area.

  7. Coaches please make sure that players DO NOT use the indoor walls or outdoor fences as kickboards. Theinsulation on the walls and the metal slats on the fencing are not designed to withstand ‘shooting practice’.Lacrosse especially has to understand that our walls and nets are not to be used for target practice.

  8. Only food/beverage purchased from our snack bar can be allowed in the facility. The sitting areas outside the concession stands and in our 10th Hole seating area are for our customers who purchase items from the snack bar. Under no circumstances can a coach, parent, manager or players bring food and/or beverage intoour facility for dissemination. Any type of ‘catering’ or meeting room needs must be facilitated by ForeKicks.

  9. There is NO grilling or open flame fires in our parking lots.

Please understand we have these rules first and foremost to keep the players safe. We also want to keep our facility and fields clean, safe, and looking pristine for as long as possible.

If you have any questions or would like us to address these rules to your programs in some form of a general meeting, we would be glad to attend. We just want everyone to enjoy their experience at Fore Kicks.