To produce less waste and enable greater organization, all the rostering and waivers are online. Once a player has completed the waiver, they will appear on the respective roster.

NOTE Parents and Players- Once your coach or program director has completed the rosters online – you will get an email to complete the waivers.




Coaches and Program Directors

Please roster your players by following the directions below:

Log on to Tourney Machine – Click Here

Note: Make sure each athlete has an email address entered, otherwise they will not be able to receive waivers.

When you log into your coach account you’ll see notifications at the top of the page showing which waivers need to be sent out and how many of your athletes have completed them. Clicking those notifications will give you a more specific report on waivers sent and completed.

To send out and manage a specific teams waiver(s) click the teams tab in the top right corner, click on specific team and click the waivers button on the teams dashboard.

On this page you can see which athletes have been sent the waiver(s) and if they’ve completed it. To send waivers out you can either send them individually by clicking the “envelope” button to the right of each athlete, or by sending them to everyone by clicking the Send Waiver Requests To All Athletes button at the bottom of the page.

Once sent out each athlete will receive an email with a link to fill the waiver out. Included in this email will be a unique verification code that will be needed to complete the waiver. Click Complete Waiver to start filling it out.

The waiver will consist of Terms and Conditions, Athlete Information (requested info may vary), Parent/Guardian Information (requested info may vary), and Waiver Authorization (this will include the verification code from the email and signature from the parent/guardian).



Once completed click Agree To This Document and copies to both the coach and tournament director.