October 9 & 10 (Sun. and Mon.)
Fort Adams State Park



High school divisions play on Sunday, October 9th.
Youth divisions play on Monday, October 10th.
Divisions are by current grade level.
3 games guaranteed – Championship format for 4th game.

 Division  Grade (rising)  Lowest Level Team Eligibility
 2017 & 2018  11th & 12th  Varsity High School
 2019 & 2020  9th & 10th  JV High School
 2021  8th  U13
 2022  7th  U13
 2023  6th  U11
 2024  5th  U11
 2025  4th  U9

*If you have a team comprised of multiple grades, you must play in the higher grade level.
* No 9th graders playing at 8th – must be current 8th graders in the 8th grade division.




Games will be played at Fort Adams State Park, in Newport Harbor & Glen Farm in Portsmouth, RI